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Robert K. Merton Center for Science Studies

The Robert K. Merton Center for Science Studies (RMZ) serves as an interdisciplinary platform for research and teaching in Science Studies in its broadest sense. It provides a place for exchange and cooperation for researchers interested in how science works. Specifically, this includes Science and Technology Studies, Sociology of Science, Library and Information Science, Higher Education Research, History of Science, Meta-Research and others. At Humboldt-Universität and within the Berlin research environment such expertise is spread across different disciplines and institutions. Furthermore, the diversity of the Berlin research environment, with its universities, non-university research institutions, museums, collections and their cooperations with industry, politics and civil society, provides a wide range of possibilities to work collaboratively and empirically on relevant research questions.

The Berlin metropolitan area and its research activities are of specific importance for research at the RMZ. Incorporating forms of institutional research, the region will be first to benefit from the work realized by the RMZ. Its initial focus will be on the following topics: quality and integrity of research, young researchers and academic careers, higher education governance, knowledge translation, data infrastructures and indicators. The RMZ strives for a collaborative form of Science Studies which includes its object of research into the research process itself and thereby produces knowledge not only exclusively for Science Studies but also for universities, disciplines, individual researchers, politics, industry or civil society.

The Robert K. Merton Center for Science Studies (RMZ) is part of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin as an interdisciplinary center.


Opening of the Robert-K.-Merton-Center for Science Studies

The Robert Merton Center for Science Studies would like to thank all speakers and participants for the successful opening ceremony of the Merton Center on 11 September 2019 at the Tieranatomisches Theater in Berlin. Following the welcoming words of the Humboldt-Universität’s Vice President for Research, Peter Frensch, and the official opening by Martin Reinhart, director of the Merton Center, the esteemed scholars Harriet Zuckerman (Columbia University), John Ioannidis (Stanford University) and Steven Shapin (Harvard University) addressed in their talks the event’s guiding question: Quality and Truth – Quo Vadis Science?

The ensuing reception offered ample opportunity for networking and continued discussions among the guests and speakers.

The Merton Center is grateful for the enormous interest in the event and is looking forward to welcoming you at its future events.

Peter Frensch, VPF
Peter Frensch, VPF

rmz opening group
From left to right: Martin Reinhart, Stefan Hornbostel, Harriet Zuckerman, John Ioannidis, Steven Shapin

rmz opening audience