Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - RMZ

Navigating Societal Impact

(05/2020 – 10/2021)

Principal Investigators: Dr. Tim Flink, Prof. Dr. Martin Reinhart

Researcher: Charlotte Rungius, M.A.


Societal impact is currently most wanted in contemporary science, technology and innovation (STI) policymaking. Far beyond economic added value, societal impact in STI policymaking aims to tackle cross-boundary and grand-societal challenges, to integrate societal actors from various realms into all processes (including agenda-setting, planning, research, applications and evaluations). Not least, societal impact is supposed to serve as a guideline for valuing STI activities. The project Navigating Societal Impact (funded by Stiftung Mercator) explores variations of societal impact, scrutinizes concrete cases and builds a reflexive learning tool that will enable societal actors to reflect upon and co-create their own societal impact initiatives.

Supported by:

Stiftung Mercator