Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - RMZ

Berlin Science Survey

Principal Investigator: Dr. Jens Ambrasat

Researchers: Dr. Denise Lüdtke, Yoanna Yankova

The Berlin Science Survey (BSS) is a long-term online survey of scientists within the Berlin metropolitan area.

It focuses on the development of the research culture in Berlin in connection with the activities of science policy actors such as the Berlin University Alliance (BUA) and the Berlin Research 50 (BR50).

The survey forms the core of the "Berlin Research Landscape" project, which is based at the Robert K. Merton Center and funded by Objective 3 "Advancing Research Quality and Value" of the Berlin University Alliance (BUA). Here, the project also serves as research accompanying the measures initiated by the BUA. For this purpose, the project provides indicators that, together with data from other data sources, are incorporated into a comprehensive monitoring of changes within the Berlin metropolitan area.

The Berlin Science Survey focuses on scientists’ perspectives, experiences and opinions. The aim is to consider these, as well as the potentially very different cultural conditions of each discipline, in a critically reflexive monitoring of the intended and unintended effects of science policy control.

The multi-topic survey includes aspects of research integrity, collaborations in Berlin and beyond, knowledge transfer to various sectors of society, and open science.

The Berlin Science Survey is designed as a trend study to survey the experiences and opinions of scientists within the Berlin metropolitan area every two years in order to reveal, over time, changes and trends in the research practices, discourses, and attitudes of scientists.

By repeating the survey and using the results to inform science policy discourses and decisions, the aim is to involve scientists in changing and shaping the Berlin metropolitan area (participatory governance).

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